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It's personal with me

With over 18 years teaching board prep classes, Dr. Linda Morse has become the instructor students turn to when they are ready to take CALE and National board exams. Her dedication to students is unsurpassed.

Meet Dr. Morse

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Essential Study Tools

Acupuncture Review Flashcards

Study on-the-go with our flashcards. Sets include formulas for CALE & NCCAOM®, herbs, internal disease syndromes, zang fu syndromes, bio-med, tongue & pulse, and ten asking song. Pick & choose or save when you purchase all sets.

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Inspired Student Shares Story

"I wouldn't recommend any other program for the CALE review other than Linda Morse's class! I joined her classes after my first failed attempt at the exam. I could immediately see the drastic difference her program makes. She has designed the best system for getting a passing grade on a notoriously difficult exam. By creating a personal relationship, she understands exactly what each person needs help with. I am happy to say I successfully passed the exam after taking her class!"
- Cheryl D., L.Ac.

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Are your ducks in a row?

Nervous about taking your state or national acupuncture review class? Dr. Morse can help you "get your ducks in a row." With the highest pass scores for California Acupuncture Board Exam for 18 years, and one-on-one performance reviews, you'll be confident in no time!


Students voted #1 review classes in California. Highest pass scores consistently for sixteen years. Learn from the pioneer in acupuncture review classes!

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Linda Morse is the most effective review teacher for Nationals & CALE board exams. High-quality video courses or live, online classroom options.

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With help from the pioneer in acupuncture review, you can identify your weak areas, create customized study schedules, and learn effective methods to take acupuncture exams.

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Our various sets of flashcards & Examination Workbook for Oriental Medicine are essential study materials for use during college, state boards and national exams.

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A note from the teacher

linda-morse-acupuncture-review-clasesHello – I’m Linda Morse, and I have been teaching acupuncture review classes for over 18 years, and truly care about each and every one of my students. When you choose me as your teacher, you will have a personal experience and enjoy learning.

Whether you feel like you’re ready to pass your exams, are lost in the material – I’m ready to help! I have spent the last twenty years of my life living acupuncture. I wrote the Examination Workbook for Oriental Medicine, developed helpful flashcards and have recorded video courses to help my students succeed. Please, learn more about me & my experience, and my various acupuncture review tutoring services. I look forward to helping you succeed! Contact me directly with any questions.

“Your success – it’s personal with me”

– Linda Morse

Courses offered

CALE Board Exam Review

Linda has personally taught the entire series of California acupuncture board review classes for over seventeen years. Experience counts for your board exams!

TCM/NCCAOM® Review Classes

Material is presented thoroughly, along with successful exam-taking strategies which have been used by hundreds of TCM students to pass all their NCCAOM® exams.

Foundations TCM Review

Classes cover theory, zang fu, pathways, diagnosis along with study and test taking skills.

Acupuncture TCM Review

Classes cover point therapeutics, point selection, location, pathways, moxa cupping all adjunct therapies, 10 asking song (copyright 2004), quick and easy points (copyright 2004) along with study and test taking skills.

Herb & Formula Review

Classes will briefly cover how to study herbs and formulas for your exam.  Basics of herbs, highlighting a few of the more important formula herbs, formulas, modifications and ways to compare each of the formulas to others.

Biomedicine Review

NCCAOM® Biomedicine Review covers patient history, systems of the body (nervous, endocrine, reproductive, etc.) lab tests, common classes of drugs, vitamins and more.

Learn from the Pioneer in Acupuncture Review

Online classrooms, video courses and study materials available.


“As a person who spent many years teaching board review classes, I can tell you it is very challenging work. Dr. Morse is one of the most dedicated teachers I know. She cares deeply about the success of her students and the quality of the service she provides is unparalleled. Students would be wise indeed to listen to her and do everything she says.”

– Yvonne R. Farrell, L.Ac., D.A.O.M., MTOM

A personal experience

Choose Acupuncture Review Classes® for a personalized educational experience with small class sizes.


Rest assured, you’ll be taught traditional medicine and latest methodology. Our flashcards and Examination Workbook are updated with the latest formulas.

Stay connected

In addition to our website, we stay connected with acupuncture review students via Facebook, Twitter and email newsletters.

Raves & reviews from students

With over 2,800 students taught in the last 18 years, Dr. Morse has quite the collection of raves & reviews. Check out what her students say!

Flexible learning options

Learn on your time with NCCAOM® video courses, or attend an online classroom for CALE or NCCAOM®.

Over a decade of teaching

In addition to acupuncture review, Linda has extensive experience in teaching test-taking & study skills.


Why Students Chose Acupuncture Review Classes® Read More Testimonials

  • Linda's course is a must! I could not recommend it more highly. It was absolutely crucial for passing the CALE and made the national exams feel like a breeze. Worth every penny and then some!
    Emily A., L.Ac. 2016
    CALE/National Review Student
  • There are not enough words to describe how amazing Linda is and what a treasure her class is. I can't imagine any better way to prepare for the CALE. And no less important than the knowledge you gain and the test taking skills, you get Linda holding your hand every step of the way... I called her to have her with me when I opened my envelope since Linda is the reason I passed on my very first try! I can't thankful enough Linda!
    Neta S., L.Ac. 2016
    CALE/National Review Student
  • Dr. Morse’s class is a corner stone in my acupuncture and Chinese medical education. I accumulated a significant amount of clinical and real world knowledge from my apprenticeship, but being able to pass the 200 question board exam was an entirely different thing. Linda’s class and personal commitment to understanding the needs of each student and covering the details of how and what to study for the exam is priceless. She not only helped me pass the exam on my first try, but she truly solidified my knowledge of acupuncture, herbs and Chinese medicine. She is a wonderful teacher who keeps you laughing when times get rough and knows exactly when you need words of encouragement or a kick in the pants! I urge anyone taking the CA acupuncture board exam to take Linda’s class. If I were to start over, I would have taken it at least 2 times during my education. Just remember to do everything Linda says, and you will succeed!
    Stephen H.C., L.Ac.
  • Linda is your GOLDEN TICKET to passing your exams! She never waivers and is really always there for you as an unconditional and nonjudgmental mentor. It is this unique trait that sets her apart from any other review class. I can't thank her enough for getting me thru this transition to LAc!
    Deanna D., L.Ac.
  • Linda is the most dedicated tutor I have ever had! She genuinely wants all of her students to learn as much as possible and pass CALE! She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and great at what she does!
    Anna L., L.Ac.