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Why should I attend Dr. Linda Morse’s review classes?

The course is instructed by Dr. Linda Morse herself.  Her personal expertise, knowledge, insight and explanation of the core subject matter will ensure you have a complete understanding of the examination materials. With over fifteen years of experience teaching board prep classes as well as acupuncture classes at several universities Dr. Morse will show you the right techniques and approaches to pass your CALE and NCCAOM exams.   Dr. Morse is a pioneer in acupuncture review classes and has an expertise in all areas of tcm having her masters and doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine.

What is the difference between the video course and online classroom?

Whether you choose video courses or online classroom sessions, we assure you’ll get the education you need. Each option contains the same material, quizzes and lessons. Video courses can be accessed on-demand, working with busy schedules. Online classrooms are scheduled sessions, which the students & teacher virtually interact with each other.

What materials will I need for class?

The only materials you will need for any of Dr. Morse’s courses is the Examination Workbook for Oriental Medicine. The book is 450 pages with quizzes and greatly organized materials to help you pass your tests.  There are a few more handouts and review study questions, which are provided upon registration and payment.   Dr. Morse also encourages you to read certain pages from your tcm texts books.  The lists of reading assignments are given out on the first day of class.

What equipment do I need to take the classes?

Each student will need a computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet with webcam, microphone and speaker capabilities to attend the online CALE/NCCAOM® review classes.

For NCCAOM® video courses, you’ll need a computer or tablet with an Internet connection.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online review course that enables students to take a comprehensive review course for the  California Acupuncture Exam or NCCAOM/national acupuncture exams on their computer, or tablet in the comfortable surroundings of their home.  Students listen/talk/chat through live classes where they can see their classmates and Dr. Linda Morse. They can ask questions at any time during the lecture with their microphones or via chat.  The questions are answered instantaneously by Dr. Linda Morse, as they are applicable to the subject matter. All students will receive their materials for the class through the mail and will follow along with Dr. Linda Morse’s book “Examination Workbook for Oriental Medicine” as well as their other class materials.     Each student will gain access into the website with their required password and email address. A trial class will be offered before the real classes begin to test your computer equipment.

Are their practice questions and mock examination materials?

Each week you will be given 40 to 50 test questions that you should complete before the next class.  These questions are for study purposes only.   There are two mock exams given in the last five weeks before the CALE examination and mock exams in the last session of each national exam. These practice examinations are entirely arranged, administered and drawn-up by Dr. Linda Morse and intended to prepare students for CALE and national examinations.  The questions provided on the weekly and mock exams are taken from tcm textbooks and formulated from thirteen years of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and expertise by Dr. Linda Morse.

Do you need additional review classes for your national exams?

Absolutely not! If you successfully complete Dr. Morse’s 16-week class, and study as recommended, you will be right on track to passing your national exams.

The only module for national exams that you will have to add more time into is the herbology exam. There are additional formulas for the national exam, which you can work on by yourself or with the help of your instructor.

Is Dr. Morse available for additional instruction beyond the webinar?

Included in your fee are a few private one-on-ones for the exam you are taking to be sure you are guiding yourself correctly through the material.  Emails and telephone calls are answered quickly to insure your study time is not lost waiting for telephone calls.  Dr. Morse is available through this entire experience with her coaching and tutoring.

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Dr. Morse prides herself on being available for here students. Whether you’re considering registering for a class, have questions about a current class, or need help with private tutoring – please contact her below.

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In-person, online classroom & recorded sessions.

Dr. Linda Morse’s acupuncture review classes are a great choice for students looking to pass.

There are so many options when it comes to prepping for the CALE, Nationals Board Review. Will you do self-led studying? What about online training? In-person classes? With so many options, it can be overwhelming. We are happy you’ve stopped by to learn more about Dr. Linda Morse’s Acupuncture Review Classes®. She provides a personalized learning experience for each of her students, truly dedicated to their success.

Dr. Linda Morse has been teaching acupuncture review for over 15 years. Check out the many testimonials student’s have left over the years. Dr. Morse truly cares about the success of each student and it shows.