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TCM/National review

You have the choice – either live or online tcm classroom. The same tcm material is offered in the live classes or the online classes. Are you a better learner in a live classroom setting, with hands on experience for two days or with our video courses. Video classes have unlimited access for 8 weeks to privately-recorded sessions with Linda Morse. Great value. Same discounts apply for both versions and remember you can mix and match take a live course for one class and a recorded course for another. Your decision! Remember the more classes you buy the more money you save.

Meet the instructor

dr-linda-morseBe educated by an experienced, talented instructor who has been teaching in the acupuncture field for 18 years. Linda Morse has taken and passed all her NCCAOM exams, as well as her California State Board exam. She graduated summa cum laude from her masters program and continued her TCM education with a doctorate in Chinese medicine. Whether you need private tutoring or classes, you will be trained to free yourself from test anxiety. The key to passing is understanding and memorizing materials while becoming skilled at exam taking. This creates a positive environment for achievement on all your board exams. Learn more.

Experience Counts

Consistently high pass rates for 18 Years.

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Why Students Chose Us for Their TCM/National Exams Read More Testimonials

  • Dr. Morse was incredible and guided me all the way through the process. Her experience, teaching technique, thorough review of material, kindness and attention to details, made the whole difference. I couldn't be more grateful and happy with my results. I will be forever thankful to her.
    Wags. Mello 2017
    TCM/National Review Student
  • I can't say enough about Linda. I did her review for Foundations and Acupuncture with Point Location. We spent many hours in video conference together with her coaching and encouraging me every step of the way! Linda is an incredibly gifted teacher and just makes Chinese Medicine seem so effortless. The book that she has written is an invaluable resource. The flashcards are excellent for on the go studying or just as a way to break up your study routine. Her slogan "Your Success- It's Personal with Me" couldn't be more true!
    Robert N. L.Ac. 2017
    TCM/National Review Student
  • Thank you Linda for helping me successfully complete the National Board Exams. You have supported me every step of the way from graduation to NCCAOM completion. I could not have done it without you! I purchased Linda’s video courses to help me study to take the NCCAOM exams. These courses played an integral part in passing the exams as they provided the structure I needed to get back into the “study mode”. The wayshe systematically taught me how to evaluate the questions to come to the correct answer was nothing short of brilliant. All of this wrapped up in her beautiful, compassionate care and concern for me personally made all the difference. She inspired the passion to study – not only to memorize the material and know how to take the exams but to understand the medicine in a much deeper way.
    Julianne G. 2016
    TCM/National Review Student
  • I wanted to get a jump start on studying but didn't know where to begin. I started researching for myself online and came across Linda Morse's book "Examination Workbook for Oriental Medicine.". She not only offered all of the material in ONE book, but also tutoring sessions as well. Ironically, the very next week she showed up at my school as a guest speaker. I appreciated her dedication to her students, and the fact that she made the material feel more manageable. During the sessions with her via webcam she guided me through many practice questions and was able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses. I passed all 4 boards on my first attempt and am happy that I decided to use Linda as a resource.
    Megan G. L.Ac. 2017
    TCM/National Review Student
  • I wanted to say thank you for your encouragement when I needed it, your stern words when I needed that, your very useful information, guides to help me study the right way, and countless tidbits along the way.
    Lynn W., L.Ac. 2016
    TCM/National Review Student
  • Linda is absolutely amazing! She has clear, concise and has very well organized information that is all you need to master the board exams. Linda is completely dedicated to your process and will not recommend that you sit for the board exams, until you are truly ready! I was able to pass my exams in the first attempt at taking them. This offered a large relief emotionally, financially and energetically! Trust her, learn all you can from her, then become a Licensed Acupuncturist because of her!
    Deb L.Ac. 2016
    TCM/National Review Student
  • Could not have, in no way possible or left on my own , would I have been able to pass my exams. Her professional coaching, her insistence on staying on schedule, her support when it got tough, and ability to make such a large body of information easy to memorize was critical in passing this exam. Thank you Linda for all your support!
    Daniel F., L.Ac. 2016
    CALE/National Review Student
  • Linda Morse is awesome! I felt so prepared going into each board exam, and I passed them!!! Linda is an amazing teacher and also gives helpful tips on how to take the exams. These classes would have been great even while still going through school! I cannot stress how awesome these classes were in preparing me for the boards. I highly recommend her classes. You will not be disappointed!
    Julie F. L.Ac. 2016
  • Thanks to Linda, I’ve passed the Foundations, Acupuncture, and Biomedicine modules of the NCCAOM exams on the first try. I truly believe that Linda’s guidance and support was the reason I passed. Even though were were thousands of miles apart geographically, she was always available to answer questions and to give me a pep talk when I hit a rough patch in my studies. I have one more Board exam to go and I have no doubt Linda will guide me through it so I can pass on my first try. I can’t say thank you enough Linda!! You rock!
    Michelle W., L.Ac. 2016
    TCM/National Review Student