Private Tutoring for CALE/National Exams & TCM Review

Telephone or computer tutoring services are a great asset to studying with Linda Morse for National Exams, California State Board Exams and Acupuncture College exit exams if you live outside the LA area. This is a one-on-one experience and all needed materials are mailed to you. 96% of Linda’s privately tutored students have passed their national exams.

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The benefits of private tutoring

  • 96% of Dr. Morse’s privately-tutored students have passed their exams!
  • Learn with Dr. Linda Morse, a pioneer in acupuncture review and a genuine teacher who cares for your success.
  • In just an hour, she can identify your weak areas.
  • Customized study schedules to fit into your busy life.
  • Improve on your text-taking skills.

“Your success – it’s personal with me.” – Dr. Linda Morse

Private Tutoring Testimonials

  • Linda’s approach was very pragmatic and organized and it was not long before the material became organized in my mind. Few weekly meetings in which I learned ways to organize the material and remember it, strategies to analyze cases etc., and gained confidence were sufficient not only to pass the comps, but to change my mindset and, with some more coaching from Linda, I am now looking forward to the CALE State Board.
    P.P. L.Ac.
    Private Tutoring for CALE
  • She is quick to catch my weaknesses and strengths within the material, and knows how to conquer the subjects. The one-on-one time has helped me tremendously. Both in study skills and test taking skills.
    Private Tutoring for CALE

Examination Workbook for Oriental Medicine

The complete study guide to be used along with your TCM textbooks. This book is over four hundred pages of material presented in a logical, and systematic manner with comparison and organizational charts.

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Flashcards are an essential study tool for your studies, or to prepare for your exams. Sets include formulas for CALE & NCCAOM, herbs, internal disease syndromes, tongue & pulse, and 10 asking song. Pick & choose or save when you purchase all sets.

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