$ 100.00

This fee will pay for the mock exams for the Aug 2017 CALE exam. Due to the preparation involved for this exam, no refunds are allowed after July 1, 2017 . This price is only for students taking the entire preparation course.
This price includes an additional 14 hours of instruction.

  • 2 mock exams ( pay $100.00 for the 1st mock, 2nd mock n/c)
  • 4 hour first mock (online)
  • 8 hours second mock
  • 2 hour performance review

This makes the entire class 88 hours of instruction. 56 hrs (16 wks, 3hrs and 30 minutes for each class), 14 hrs mocks. 9 Additional classes (2hrs each) 18hrs.  All included in the price.

Please contact Dr. Morse for prices and availability of mock exams for non-preparation course students.

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