Learn why students rave about Acupuncture Review Classes®. With over 18 years of experience, Linda Morse is the teacher students turn to for their exams.

Dr. Morse was incredible and guided me all the way through the process. Her experience, teaching technique, thorough review of material, kindness and attention to details, made the whole difference. I couldn't be more grateful and happy with my results. I will be forever thankful to her.
Wags. Mello 2017
TCM/National Review Student
I can't say enough about Linda. I did her review for Foundations and Acupuncture with Point Location. We spent many hours in video conference together with her coaching and encouraging me every step of the way! Linda is an incredibly gifted teacher and just makes Chinese Medicine seem so effortless. The book that she has written is an invaluable resource. The flashcards are excellent for on the go studying or just as a way to break up your study routine. Her slogan "Your Success- It's Personal with Me" couldn't be more true!
Robert N. L.Ac. 2017
TCM/National Review Student
Thank you Linda for helping me successfully complete the National Board Exams. You have supported me every step of the way from graduation to NCCAOM completion. I could not have done it without you! I purchased Linda’s video courses to help me study to take the NCCAOM exams. These courses played an integral part in passing the exams as they provided the structure I needed to get back into the “study mode”. The wayshe systematically taught me how to evaluate the questions to come to the correct answer was nothing short of brilliant. All of this wrapped up in her beautiful, compassionate care and concern for me personally made all the difference. She inspired the passion to study – not only to memorize the material and know how to take the exams but to understand the medicine in a much deeper way.
Julianne G. 2016
TCM/National Review Student
I wanted to get a jump start on studying but didn't know where to begin. I started researching for myself online and came across Linda Morse's book "Examination Workbook for Oriental Medicine.". She not only offered all of the material in ONE book, but also tutoring sessions as well. Ironically, the very next week she showed up at my school as a guest speaker. I appreciated her dedication to her students, and the fact that she made the material feel more manageable. During the sessions with her via webcam she guided me through many practice questions and was able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses. I passed all 4 boards on my first attempt and am happy that I decided to use Linda as a resource.
Megan G. L.Ac. 2017
TCM/National Review Student
I wanted to say thank you for your encouragement when I needed it, your stern words when I needed that, your very useful information, guides to help me study the right way, and countless tidbits along the way.
Lynn W., L.Ac. 2016
TCM/National Review Student
Just take Linda's class.  Don't muddle your mind with "should I do this?" or "how should I study that?"  Just take Dr. Morse's class and do what she says to do.  Her materials are every good adjective you can think of--- thorough, clear, interesting, creatively presented, and her method for this madness is exquisite.  You learn several things each day so your brain never gets overloaded or stuck in one mode of thinking; you have a detailed schedule that tells you to go back and review while you are learning something new, so you are not likely to forget what you studied months earlier.  And here's this...I wanted to take the Nationals as I was studying for the CALE, but Linda said, "No, take the Nationals right AFTER the CALE, you'll never be smarter than right afterwards."  So, I took the CALE and two days later took Foundations, two days after that Acupuncture & Points, two days after that, Biomed. Then I took a few weeks to study 78 new herbal formulas and then took and passed the final module- Herbology.  I could say that Linda saved me tons of money, because I only studied once for 5 tests. Plus, she is funny, plus, she actually loves this medicine and it shows,  Did I say enough?  Maybe so, but I will add that the numbers speak for themselves, right?  Five tests in one month's time and I passed them all. It's a new world that Linda has helped open for me and I will be eternally thankful.
Barbara H L.Ac. – Mar 2017
Linda's class is so helpful. In the short period of time after graduating, there is so much on a person's mind - sometimes it can be hard to know what to do or focus on in those 3 short months before the exam. However, If you take Linda's class there will be no confusion. With her guide there is very little on the CA board exam that will surprise you. Before the test, each student is assessed with a mock test that will let you  know where you stand. If you need help, you would know during those 15 weeks - and you could do things to ensure you pass. Take the class, it will help you be confident of your passing and you'll save time!
Jennifer D L.Ac. Mar. 2017
I took Linda's class as preparation for the CALE exam.  This course should be a requirement of any TCM school concerned about their students pass rate on the licensing exams.  Linda, through years of experience, knows how to successfully study for both the CALE and National exams.  Linda will provide a detailed schedule of readings to do and topics to focus on from the outset.  She provides the structure for you, all you need to do is follow through.  This course is not a simple study guide, it is a regimented plan that will give each student the most relevant topics to study as well as the amount of time one should devote to each topic.  Linda checks on the progress each student personally throughout the process.  This is done through mock exam evaluations and class participation.  If you follow Linda's plan, you will enter the exam with confidence, this is perhaps the best thing she provides her students.  The amount of information to cover is immense and necessitates a board exam class.  You would be well advised to invest in one.  Linda's preparatory class is the one all others should be modeled after.
Michael M. L.Ac. Mar. 2017
I graduated at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2007.  I had worked really hard throughout the program and realized this was truly my passion to help people through Chinese Medicine.I happened upon this journey in a very personal way because I watched my mom suffer and die through conventional medicine so I believe my journey to become a licensed acupuncturist is as much me living her legacy as it is my own legacy because I know that she would have wanted more choices in the area of healing than the ones she was delivered. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine was tremendous with my journey through the program.  The amount of teaching and help and mentoring was truly paramount and I am forever grateful to them for their role in my success with graduation. There was a special person that brought my success to it's final fruition in passing the California State Board Exam. Her name is Linda Morse.  She was the best kept secret when I was finishing my masters at PCOM.  I had never heard of her.  Then one day when I was working at a foot reflexology place, I ran into an acupuncturist who was possibly going to be working there and in talking to him about my challenges, he told me about Linda. He shared about how Linda and her review class made a profound difference in his passing the exam as well.  I saved her information because at the time I was on a very low income and was not ready financially to invest in the time and money it would take. Then I was finally ready.  In 2016-2017 I finally was able to take Linda's review class.  I could not believe the gift it was! It was like my eyes had been opened to a whole new world of how to study and what to study. She cared so much for my success, that I felt as if she was an angel sent from heaven.  It was as if she was in my home personally mentoring me and always being there for me as I continued to work hard in my studies.  Linda closed the gap on the distance, as she was so present and always made herself available. The key is I still had to work hard which should be expected from every student, but as a true teacher, Linda delivers! She truly taught me things I can take with me forever if I ever need to take any other exams. Linda was the key to my passing those exams.  I do not exaggerate.  I recommend every student take her review class.  It enlightened me and was truly illuminating!  I learned more about myself as well.  I truly was not sure if I would see my dreams become reality until I took Linda's class. I will forever talk about how she changed my life 10 years after graduation!  I am so grateful and thankful to Linda.  She is a real GEM!  Linda made what I thought could not be possible,  possible for me.  When others said I would not do it, she said I would and I did!  Thank you Linda for believing in me and my potential.  Linda is the type of people I want in my life!
Karen Y. L.Ac. Mar. 2017
Take Linda's class if you want to pass CALE the first time.  Her guidance about what to study vs what not to study turns a glacier of information into a small mountain.  Do what she says, do not omit what she says, study with a partner, take her mock exams, put the work into it and you'll be fine.
JOHN L.S. L.Ac. 2016
Dr. Linda Morse's review is comprehensive and personalized to ensure your greatest outcome. She really takes the time to get to know each and everyone one of her students so that she can help you strategize a workable plan for CALE success. Her study skills recommendations, tools and mock exams are exactly the guidance you need to be successful in attaining your license. Dr. Morse is a great mentor who genuinely cares about each and everyone of her students.
Jenny H. L.Ac 2016
This review class greatly helped me organize the vast amount of material and guided me through studying efficiently and effectively. Dr. Morse provided excellent direction on which topics to study with particular focus. Students who follow the course schedule as well as Dr. Morse’s instructions will, by the end of the course, possess a solid foundation of knowledge and be more than prepared to pass CALE and national licensing exams."
KEVIN S. L.Ac. Aug. 2016
Dr. Morse made it possible for me to stay focused and organized on what I needed to know to pass the CALE.  I was lost without her guidance and there is no way I would have passed without taking her class first.  I appreciate what I learned in school but it did not prepare me for the intensity of this exam.  I was completely devoted to her book and did not use other study methods or resources besides her class and study schedule.  The transformation over these months of preparation is intense and worth every penny. I am incredibly grateful for her knowledge and commitment to help us!"
Melissa H. L.Ac. Aug. 2016
Linda is an amazing teacher who really cares about each student passing the exams. She takes her vast wealth of knowledge and shares specific details on exactly what you need to know. Her workbook is fantastic - I wish I had it when I started TCM school! Don’t fool yourself - these exams are extremely difficult. Out of the 10,000 details I learned at school Linda cuts these down to about 4,000 that you need to know to pass. She has this wired! The weekly 'live' internet classes led by Linda definitely prepare you well and they kept me on track. With a detailed schedule on exactly what and when you need to study I would say Linda's program is a must. And she makes it fun!
Kevin C. L.Ac. Aug 2016
Linda is absolutely amazing! She has clear, concise and has very well organized information that is all you need to master the board exams. Linda is completely dedicated to your process and will not recommend that you sit for the board exams, until you are truly ready! I was able to pass my exams in the first attempt at taking them. This offered a large relief emotionally, financially and energetically! Trust her, learn all you can from her, then become a Licensed Acupuncturist because of her!
Deb L.Ac. 2016
TCM/National Review Student